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* * @param input Stream * @param environment * @return * @throws IOException * @throws Parser Configuration Exception * @throws SAXException */ private Context load Initial Context(final Input Stream input Stream, final Hashtable/** * Parses the Android Manifest, and returns a object containing the * result of the parsing.

* * @param manifest File the representing the manifest file. * @return A class containing the manifest info obtained during the parsing, or null on error.

if at least one of included files has modifications. */ private boolean check File Modifications() throws Exception /** * Reads a dictionary from an XML file.

* @throws Parser Configuration Exception if a SAX parser cannotbe created which satisfies the requested configuration.

At least I didn't find any reference in a spec or javadoc (maybe I overlooked) that is Validating should be in sync with the validation feature.* @param handler The handler which provides all queries. * @param resource Il prototipo di risorsa da specializzare con gli attributi dell'xml. * @throws Aps System Exception */ protected void fill Empty Resource From Xml(Resource Interface resource, String xml) throws Aps System Exception /** * Parses the supplied . * @throws Parser Configuration Exception See documentation.*/ public static void query File(File xmlfile, XQuery Handler handler) /** * @param configuration File * @return a parsed coffee configuration * @throws Parser Configuration Exception * @throws SAXException * @throws IOException */ public static Coffee Configuration parse(Input Stream configuration File) throws Parser Configuration Exception, SAXException, IOException /** * Compare the specified contents as XML. * @param stream The stream to parse * @throws IOException for any errors during the parsing process */ public final void parse(Input Stream stream) throws IOException /** * Initializes a SAXReader with the Param and CTD schema. */ private SAXReader initialize SAXReader() throws SAXException, Parser Configuration Exception /** * Reads a dictionary from an XML file.Thanks in advance PS: I have to use SAX, there i sno possibility to use another parser.spf = SAXParser Instance(); Validating(false); Feature(" false); Feature(" true); Feature(" false); SEVERE: null sax.If you're writing the XML processor by hand, the St AX API is a lot easier to deal with than the SAX API, so you win on both counts. What would you expect the SAX parser to do given that it doesn't understand this entity at all.