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C validating cancel button wow armory not updating 2016

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This example extends previous article how to show an Input Box in C# using simple static method. This code shows the Input Box class implementation.

In this example I use simple class named Input Box with static method Show (to be similar to Message Box. It has overloaded static method Show which takes following paramaters: a dialog title, a prompt text, a default value and optionally a validation delegate.

All you have to do is add a hotspot button to your dialog box form/subform and choose "OK" or "Cancel" (there's also one for "Help") under the "Type" of button (see figure 1).

Then, in your Dialog Box code you tell Notes to not generate the OK and Cancel buttons.

If the user enters invalid data they’ll see an icon shown in Figure 3.

On Form Closing(e) ' Ignore what the base class thinks if validation fails If e.

I have a form that allows a user to edit an existing record stored in a SQL database.

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That's great and fine, but because of that, the revert and cancel buttons don't work unless the user fixes the validation problem first, which kind of defeats the purpose of a cancel button or revert button.Using on a winforms application I had a form where I was validating events on many of the controls on the form.As a side note I am use Dev Express for many of my screen controls (I recommend their products).More of a "if the form is closing because the user clicked this button, then just return as validated so the form can close" type of logic.Or maybe just validate the textbox under certain circumstances, like when a particular button is clicked.Here's the question: On the form, I have defined the Accept Button and Cancel Button properties to the corresponding "Save" and "Cancel" buttons on my form.