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It should not be treated as a definitive guide, nor should it be considered to cover every area of concern, or be regarded as legal advice.If you find the information on this page useful, please feel free to link to this page, (no permission is needed).The graph below shows the organic traffic received by each of the 16 test posts for the four full weeks (March 15 - April 11) prior to the test beginning.The important thing to note here is the organic traffic received by each page was relatively static.

Provides all features of West’s annotated statutes and codes, including editorial enhancements and annotations to the Code itself.

These posts were not bouncing around, going from 200 visits to 800 visits each week. The blue line and corresponding number highlights the weekly average for each post, which we will compare to the graph below. It took me about 15 minutes to update all of the publishing dates for the blog posts. I began collecting traffic data again on April 26th, giving Google a week to crawl and process the changes. This graph shows the average organic traffic that each post received for the first four full weeks (April 26 through May 23) after republishing.

I expected a lift, but I was surprised at how significant it was.

In the years following the United States' adoption of the UCC, Congress commissioned multiple studies on a general revision of copyright law, culminating in a published report in 1961.

A draft of the bill was introduced in both the House and Senate in 1964, but the original version of the Act was revised multiple times between 19 (see House report number 94-1476). 22 of the 94th Congress by a vote of 97-0 in the Senate on February 19, 1976. 22 was passed by a vote of 316-7 in the House of Representatives on September 22, 1976.