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In his latest interview, the German-native DJ got real on all things Selena.The two artists, who collaborated on “I want You To Know,” briefly dated back in 2015, and even though their relationship was short lived, Zedd says it had a lasting impression on his every day life, sky-rocketing him into the public eye: “Reporters were calling my parents. Actress-model Sheila Sim, who will be marrying this year, also met her fiance on a dating app.

Asia One Feb 23, 2017Love is in the air for Jamie Yeo, who got to know her current boyfriend after two weeks on the dating app Tinder.And judging from the caption the two have been dating for eight years now. All we know is that he is a Dj and goes by the name Dj Sunman.According to Anita’s post and photos it is obvious that they are an adorable couple, full of adventure, deeply in love and fun company.Team mafisi has always been on the prowl when it comes to Anita Nderu.It’s no secret she is a complete package when it comes to what many men look for in a lady, beauty and brains. But even he was shocked by the complete and utter lack of privacy Selena Gomez lives with.