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Here are five of the most insightful and illustrative charts for anyone hoping to understand just how important messaging apps are to the future of communication.

Source: KPCB Mary Meeker’srecent Internet trends report took a close look at the rise of messaging apps, and for good reason.

Getting started on Bluemix To get started with Conversation, you’ll need a Bluemix account.

If you don’t have one already, you can sign up here (and get a free 30-day trial! Once you have signed in, navigate to the catalog, scroll down to the Watson services, and select the Conversation tile.

In essence, these deals give people free access to text-only version of things like Facebook news feeds, Gmail, and the first page of search results under plans like Facebook Zero or Google Free Zone.

Net neutrality—the idea that all Internet traffic should generally be treated equally—suffered a setback last week when a federal court struck down the U. Federal Communications Commission’s latest regulatory effort (see “Net Neutrality Quashed: New Pricing Schemes, Throttling, and Business Models to Follow”).

Pro-neutrality types have worried that a few giant companies will end up controlling, or at least mediating, the Internet experience for much of the population because of special deals they’ve struck with Internet providers for prioritized or subsidized data delivery.

Make no mistake: Messaging apps are just getting started.

Just this month, Facebook announced that Facebook Messenger would be spun off as a standalone app, while Twitter entered the race in its own way by eliminating the 140-character limit for Direct Messages.