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End If End Sub @statmaster's answer is preferable to this one.

Here is the code that I put in the Row Deleting event handler: Private Sub grd Market Adjustment_Row Deleting(sender As Object, e As Grid View Delete Event Args) Handles grd Market Adjustment.

While this exception can be gracefully handled as demonstrated in the previous tutorial, ideally the editing or inserting user interface would include validation controls to prevent a user from entering such invalid data in the first place.

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The fourth basic database operation remaining is the deletion of data. Next, the code asks for a simple confirmation with the Message Box class.

Correct me if I am wrong.:| This is old, nevertheless, you can create a derived Message Box class, but the Show method of the Message Box class is static.

Therefore it's possible to override the Message Box class, but you won't be able to override the Show method. public static My Message Box : Message Box but you won't be able to do this: public static override Message Box Result Show( string message Box Text ) Therefore, it is possible to override the messagebox class, but the one function that is acutally useful can not be overriden.

You could also just create a class called Message Box in your application with static Show methods that match the framework Message Box class.

You could then use namespaces to switch between your Message Box class and the framework Message Box class.