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However, others had some more specific opinions: How about race?

As with nationality, the girls all seemed pretty open to any race.

If you’ve spent any extended time in Japan or have even casually followed Rocket News24, you’ve probably encountered the topic of Japanese people dating foreigners.

It’s a theme that commonly comes up, often focusing on why foreign men (sometimes independent of their attractiveness), get all the girls!

Relationships also those other silly things like respect, the ability to change, stability, and understanding.

Basically, Love is not enough (which goes against everything Disney taught me).

I asked her why she thought so many Japanese girls wanted to date and marry American men. Some of them are simple: “American men are romantic, they bring flowers and give many presents.” To more complicated answers that have to do with gender roles: “American men like to split the housework 50-50. But still, that is better than Japanese man, who expect me to do all housework, cooking, and cleaning.” (Words from a friend who is married to a Californian man).If you do not respect and appreciate your partners culture (to the extent you are willing to forsake elements of your own culture for their benefit), intercultural and interracial relationships are nearly impossible.I started to wonder if there were any other couples “out there” like me.Take this interview with a grain of salt though, as Aoki only questions five girls, all in the big city at the time and most having spent some time abroad, so, they’re not necessarily a cross section of Japanese women. Outright answers were pretty cut and dry, whether for or against dating a foreigner, but after some discussion, most of the girls seemed to agree that if they were able to communicate well (either the girl could speak a foreign language or the guy could speak Japanese), and the cultural and value differences were sorted out it, they’d probably be okay with it.When speaking of cultural differences, one woman plainly stated, “It could be too troublesome,” a valid point, but many people seem willing to try!I’ve met women in Japan who have no desire to marry a foreigner; I’ve met women who are dying to marry a foreigner.