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Java repaint not updating

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It seems to depend on the matlab session i've opened; right now for example I have to resize the window for every line of code i type.

I just typed "which java" and was pointed to /Applications/ and at the bottom of that .m file I found % $Revision: $ $Date: 2010/05/20 $ is this helpful? In MATLAB, try getenv(' MATLAB_JAVA'),system([getenv(' MATLAB_JAVA') '/bin/java -version']) Then, in the OS-X Terminal application, command which java;java -version If the two versions are different, then especially if the one inside MATLAB is older, there is more chance that you are using an appropriate Java, but if the two versions are the same then there is more risk that MATLAB needs to use an older version.

Can you make a small program that demos the problem?

Some alternative to not clearing the background would be 1) try having your sprites as animated GIF's (do not know how java handles gif animation, eg if it repaints the whole panel or what - easy to test) 2) do the sprite animation in separate JPanels which are positioned, perhaps via Overlay Layout or (gasp) null layout.

Before the window is to be drawn with new data, the old data must be erased, else, both overwrite (not override) the other and finally the data is not readable.

If I understand your question correctly, this is not the solution that your are looking for. spontaneous painting, initiated by the environment 2.

What you might want to do is move the contents of your applet using the setbounds and disable/reenable anything that is not used in both by use of the setvisible method. programmer generated calls via repaint() and update() The repaint() Method The repaint() method is the one invoked by a program to do drawing.

OK this is the basic in all page flickering and how to avoid flickering First a basic concept: - computer screens are refreshed 60 times a second in North America and 50 times a second in Europe Java (and Swing) do a good job at it and refresh the screen the best way it can manage but some times it is nto the best way so sometimes, particularly in Games, you will need to do the job and help a little bit the Java GUI for best performance. feel free to cut & paste them OK the first one in to create the main frame...

Sorry for my European and Asiatic friend, I'll do it the Obama way The idea is to draw what you have to draw on 2 buffers, wait for the part of the GUI that repaint the screen, and tell it from which buffer in memory it has to redraw the image I have 3 classes here...