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Protagonistas: Sasha, Monella, Leo Martin, Charlie Loren, Alejandro Espagnol.
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Korean celebrities dating

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In the past years, popular Korean celebrity couples have concluded their romance with marriage but some don’t – only a broken heart. Still, many popular couples have revealed their relationship in public and have shaken the whole internet with their romance! However, Korean celebrities don’t have as much freedom as the celebrities in Hollywood do.

The stars' agencies were quick to confirm the report.

He is expected to begin his compulsory military service this year. She became one of the first South Korean pop stars to make her name in Japan.

She recently acted in the television show My Wife Is Having An Affair This Week.

Once you fall into the K-drama hole, there’s simply no going back!

Every episode brings out the hopeless romantic in each of us, hence we sometimes can’t help but wish for our favorite actors and actresses to end up together IRL.