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Rowupdating event fires twice

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I'm facing some annoying Grid View behavior where it fires the Row Deleting event twice.

I'm doing the very normal (logical) steps for deleting a row from a Grid View.

The select Row function gets called again from within the Row Selection Model This works for me, I use modified Row Selection Model: 1. sanitized "up" to do nothing when last Active is 0 (active carret is on the first row and there is no room to move up) 3.

Maybe this rowclick event is there for some good reason, but in my case it causes troubles and I don't want to clutter my code with detections of redundant select Row calls. If a grid is drag and drop enabled, the following 3 functions get called twice: beforerowselect rowselect selectionchange The reason for this is that the internal Drag Source component that gets added to the Grid, calls the select Row function on the Row Selection Model component via its handle Mouse Down event.

However, now that the event triggering twice is solve. Seconds For what it's worth my solution/dirty hack ' Declare a global boolean Public exit Sub As Boolean = False Sub Dothis Once(blah, blah) If exit Sub = True Then Exit Sub End If ' Do some coding/DB work or something ' code has ran so set boolean to true Here's a link to some information regarding Microsoft's awareness of this bug and a fairly good workaround that doesn't involve hacky flags: View_commands_ _Auto Event Wire Up Thanks for reporting the issue.Some notes: Private Sub Fill Combinations() Dim DT As New Data Table DT = DA. Grid View Edit Event Args) Handles grd Combinations. Here is what I'm doing: 1- my test Page_Load method 2- the Grid View has a Delete Command Field.3- on tracing I've noticed my Row Deleting event gets fired twice!I'm listening out for the activate event, which I use to append a few items. Thanks I have to run in a few minutes, but very quickly, thank you for the reply. These sections are all panels with other controls called within and are controlled via routes calling different controllers.