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Many Tongans still live in village communities following traditional customs, especially on the outer islands.The distinctive traditional dress ‘ta’ovala’ – woven waist mats – are commonly worn. Here, time dances to the rhythms of the oceans and the sound of church bells on Sunday.In fact, on a trip to Tonga you’d sometimes be forgiven for thinking time has stood still.Fish and vegetables are still cooked in earth ovens called Umus.And the ceremonial tradition of kava drinking, the traditional Polynesian drink, is a very real part of Tongan life.Polynesian culture is the culture of the indigenous peoples of Polynesia who share common traits in language, customs and society.Sequentially, the development of Polynesian culture can be divided into four different historical eras: Maternal mitochondrial DNA analysis suggests that Polynesians, including Samoans, Tongans, Niueans, Cook Islanders, Tahitians, Hawaiians, Marquesans and Māori, are genetically linked to indigenous peoples of parts of Southeast Asia including those of Taiwanese aborigines.

Particularly characteristic of the Lapita culture is the making of pottery, including a great many vessels of varied shapes, some distinguished by fine patterns and motifs pressed into the clay.

This DNA evidence is supported by linguistic and archaeological evidence.

– into the edges of western Micronesia and on into Melanesia.

This area of Polynesia, Samoa and Tonga, contains evidence from dates of similar times, suggesting the area was settled during the same period.

Samoan oral history, however, extends only as far back as AD 1000 Whatever occurred between 750 BC and AD 1000 remains a mystery, though this may have been the period of great migrations that led to the settlement of present-day Polynesia.