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Updating with linq

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Here’s the skinny: Don’t get into a situation where you have to update an object from a disconnected Data Context. Sure, you can do some Googling and find some resources on the subject, and even find some slightly tolerable solutions..

but even those require some nasty stuff, some hard coding of methods in the Data Context class itself, and/or adding versioning field to your database table.

This means that although Linq to SQL is a nice ORM framework, it’s missing some useful features.

Last week I got a question from a colleague about Linq to SQL.

Since I recently converted my site to, I’ll use its database schema for all examples to follow.

In addition to this, all code snippets you’ll see were run in LINQPad, which at the moment is by far my favorite development tool that I’m using (now if they’d only get intellisense in there, I’d play with this program all day long).

You can change the state of an entity to Added, Updated, or Deleted.

In the next chapter you will learn how to delete a single entity in the disconnected mode.

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The data would come from a spreadsheet, and I would either insert or update records depending on whether or not certain criteria already existed. When updating records using LINQ to CRM, changing an object's property does mark the record as "dirty".He couldn’t find a way to update the Linq to SQL DBML file so it reflects the changes he made to the underlying database model. CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Foo Max]( [OID] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [ID] [nvarchar](50) NOT NULL, [Some Text] [nvarchar](max) NULL, [Some Binary] [varbinary](max) NULL, CONSTRAINT [PK_Foo Max] PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED ([OID] ASC) ) above code means that the whole record is loaded into memory just to update a single column.A couple weeks ago, I read the article, LINQ to SQL Extension: Batch Deletion with Lambda Expression by Jeffrey Zhao.In case you didn’t read the article, it discusses the downside of most O/R Mapping frameworks when it comes to multiple updates or deletes.Google: “linq disconnected updates” and “LINQ Update Disconnected Entity Objects” The best solution that I found, that worked for me – was a bit more of tightly coupling what was happening, and passing around an open Data Context from start-to-finish through the various methods.